Birmans are a popular choice among cat lovers because of their moderate demeanor, easy-to-maintain coat and their adorable face.

Birmans are gentle loving companions that enjoy spending time with their human people, they are quiet, loving, companionable and loyal. They have a very gracious and noble demeanor and love being with people. Birmans are always there when you need them, mellow, friendly and moderately active. Some of them want to be lap cats, others prefer to be on an arm of a chair beside you, but all of them want to be around their people. Expect your Birman to be an individual too, they can be times when they are preoccupied, but will surely be around again for your love and affection.
They love to cuddle or to snuggle so you will often find them on your pillow beside you or creep under the bed sheets. They also love to hide too and are apt to crawl and hide into the most smallest of spaces, like the drawers for instance.
They will look you right in the eyes displaying their affection and will capture your heart with their soulful gaze, gently speak their name and watch them slowly close their eyes and open them again, which is equal to blowing you a Birman kiss from the other side of the room. They are often known to lick you too, or give you a love bite if you are not paying them much attention or what we call a love nip they are often known to do this some do this. Birmans are a good choice for families and the elderly and are very tolerant with children, buy if life gets too hectic expect them to simply dissapear and get away from it all and they will return when they need your love once again. Because of their outgoing nature Birmans develop good social skills, don't expect them to hide when a visitor calls, in fact they are usually the first at the door when it opens, and when you go out they are always there to greet you on your return.
They make super loving pets and in terms of personality Birmans are often compared to dogs than cats as they love to follow you around and like to be by your side and take interest in everything you do, yes they will even sit and watch you take a bath!.

They are quick learners, throw them a toy mouse and they soon learn how to fetch it and return it to you to be thrown again. They are talkative too and often make a chirping noise with their soft voices. However if they want something they have No problem in letting you know.

...Birmans are a Great Companion, and are for life and a house is not a home without one...